Samsung Galaxy A42 5G The Magical Box Arrived Soon

Samsung Galaxy A42

Are you a Samsung user? Then get ready to get surprising news and for this hold your breath and the updated version which is on the way will make you snatch it as a first customer. Wanted to hear the model name and here it is Samsung Galaxy A42 5G and arrived with massive storage and it is 128GB! It beat the previous series A41 because it is having 64GB of storage. If you are eager to hear the model number then why keep waiting because you will know it now instantly! It is SM-A426B.

The most important thing is you do not have to carry a heavy power bank with you if you buy this Samsung Galaxy A42 5G because it is coming with 5,000MAH battery! So this powerful demon has its model number and it is E8-BA426BY. The opening battery capacity was 4,860MAH but do not lose your hope because the final one will be 5,000MAH. This battery is not like the so-called battery you are seeing right now because it’s a lithium-ion battery.

Another thing which will make you laugh into the air and it is this is the ever 1 st budget mobile having 5G offering! The thing which everybody should aware of that 5G only handsets are compatible with 4G LTE networks but now it’s unavailable.


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So they can be used on markets having no 5G networks. But Samsung is a very witty one and knows the market point of view and for this, they are using the spilled method and it was by launching 5G and LTE-only alternatives.

The launching time will be sometime the next year! The color will be gray, white, or black! The android system will be 10. The display will be 6.7 inches super AMOLED and this smooth display will attract massive users. Display resolution is pixels 1080×2400, 393 pixels density of pixels per inch. The ratios will be 86.1% screen to body ratio. So the users will be getting fun by watching movies and others on this mobile!

The main point is still one the way and guesses what it is! The CPU and the chipset are Qualcomm Snapdragon 756G. CPU is Octa-core and GPU is Adreno 620. So the gamers are using this mobile smoothly with no lacking or slowing any games ever also continuing good FPS rate! And the Ram will be 6 to 8 GB. The dimensions will be 164.8×8.4mm (6.94×3.01×0.33 in). On both front and backside, it has Gorilla Glass 6 and the frame will aluminum.

The weight is 206 g. The attraction is still waiting and it is a camera! It has a triple camera. The first one is 48MP.f/2.0. The second one is 8MP, f/2.2 (ultrawide) and the third one is 5 MP,f2.2, (depth). Camera features are LED flash, Panorama HDR. The front camera is having HDR features and the video is 1080p@30fps. So any camera lover will fall in love with this new version of Samsung!

It still has additional features and they are-Sensors having fingerprint sensor under Display and it’s optical. This does not end it has still other advantages and they are –accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass. Its’s price is 440 USD. So at a budget price, you can get the best phone ever from Samsung!


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