What Is The Main Obstacles Behind The Growth Of Women?

Women are a word and this one is much complicated by itself is captivated by the word men. A parallel confusion came and this is women can do anything on the other side she can’t do everything on their own. Not only women every human being is dependent on others and is the woman, not the part of humanity? They need support to start from a dot-like other normal human needs. But the door of our enlightenment, our rising is barricaded by society as well as by the family.

What is the main obstacles behind the growth of women

Supports and faith are the main sources of strength of a human and women actually as a human need this. Faith is the torch that lightens up other possibilities of development for a woman. But from the belief of social prejudices, we are believing that women need male consent before doing anything and also they need supports! Approval from society for any kind of the beginning of our rising! It’s a daydream for us and we are believing that!


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We are bound to agree with all the discouragement because we are women! Women can achieve anything by getting a few drops of smiles and warm wishes and this kind of achievement, as well as the way of our trickiness, is declared by the male society! So we are at the end of the day acts like a prostitute! So if anyone of us able to achieve anything that is seen like this! Strength and dignity are the root of a tree which helps a tree to turn into a bigger one! So we need these seeds! But by blaming us like they are rotten!

All of us are thinking that we need a push but this makes us excavated. Why do we need a push from others rather why we do not start from our own! If we make our mind-dependent then it never blooms rather it falls. So no scent or beauty will ever be exposed!

A common saying ringing in our mind and it is,‘Nothing can dim the light that shines from within’ this line is a perfect mirror for women.’ Arresting one’s mind is easy but to start from that point is easier for strong-minded women. We have the power to change the atmosphere.

We are not prisoners and arrested by male dominance! So we need to lose our handicap and should rise! If we are throwing us as a prisoner in the cell then we are interrogated and also getting tortured in the torture cell! We need to break the prison and so we need to develop ours as a rebel! Yeah! Many danger and obstacle will come but we need to move on maybe we are getting wounded but the hope maybe its dim but if we reach there we have still chances to turn it into fire-works which will lighten the dark cold sky!


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