Trump’s National security adviser has tested Corona positive!

Corona-virus has been broken throughout the world in a pandemic form. Many countries are fallen victims for this as well as the most powerful countries cannot escape from this though they have enough resources! Among them, the condition of the USA is worse.

The people from parliament even cannot get rid of this Covid-19. From this sequence, a piece of news has broken out and it is Trump’s national security adviser that has been tested positive for corona-virus. He is a familiar figure so everyone knows him. The name of him is Robert O’Brien. Though the situation is now really get much more terrific than before, White House insisted that there was ‘no risk’!

This declaration came from the controversial figure of the USA president Donald Trump. The United States has recorded more than 26000 new cases of the infection and now this news actually creates panic among the members of the White House.

O’Brien does not take this pandemic seriously and there is a proof of his negligence upon this serious condition. He was seen on his Europe trip without wearing a mask and also not maintaining social distancing. He was photographed with several foreign officials and his UK counterpart, Mark Sedwill is not excluded from this meeting!

There are also other familiar persons and they are- the UK ambassador to France, Edward Llewellyn, and also the French national security adviser Emmanuel Boone. O’Brien was in North Carolina and there a biotech lab is toured which involved in the research effort and obviously for corona-virus vaccine.

Already many White House staffers are embraced by this Virus over the past few months but O’Brien is the only one from highest-level administration official who is tested positive so this makes the air heavy by the turbulent prophecy of the USA.

On the other hand, several national Security Council staffers informed CNN that they did not have any information about O’Brien and the source of their hearing is the media reports! From the statement from White House, “He has mild symptoms and has been self-isolating and working from a secure location off-site.

There is no risk of exposure to the president or the vice-president. The work of the national security council continues uninterrupted.” But White house is disagreed to give any information about how O’Brien’s illness was discovered!

This actually creates much confusion among the people. A piece of valuable information has been found from White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow and it was the daughters of O’Brien’s also infected by COVID-19 and from this O’Brien’s is infected and this is his point of belief!