What To Do If Milk Gets Stuck In The Baby’s Throat

What to do if the milk is stuck in the baby’s throat? The subject is a little scary. When the baby tries to swallow the extra breast milk, the baby may stop breathing. This can cause the baby to cough excessively and vomit whole breast milk in the mouth. However, with the right knowledge, it is possible to save a child from this situation. Let’s discuss What to do if the milk is stuck in the baby’s throat?

Why does the baby stop breathing during breastfeeding?

It is normal for the baby to drink the mother’s breast milk, but many times the baby may suffocate while breastfeeding. The mothers of the children got scared. But there is no reason to be afraid. This can happen when the baby is breastfed. There are usually two reasons for this.

1. If there is an excess supply of breast milk

Many mothers think that it is better to give more milk to their baby but this idea is completely wrong. This can cause the baby to stop breathing. So the baby should be prevented from being forced to drink extra milk. Breastfeeding should be done in such a way that the baby is comfortable to drink milk.

2. Press more and more on the breast

While breastfeeding, mothers press their breasts harder to get more milk. This increases the milk supply and the baby starts drinking extra milk. But it should not be at all, because it makes it difficult for the baby to swallow milk and breathe. Even the baby’s breath may get stuck.

If you notice any of the following symptoms while breastfeeding, stop breastfeeding –

  • If the baby starts to sneeze or has trouble breathing while breastfeeding
  • If the supply of breast milk is high
  • If the baby presses or nipples on its own
  • If the baby stops breastfeeding
  • You want to breastfeed, but if the baby does not want to eat

What to do if the baby stops breathing while drinking breast milk?

If the baby is about to stop breathing while breastfeeding, there are some first aid treatments that can prevent the baby’s airways from getting blocked. This treatment should be done very carefully because the baby’s body is very soft. If you stop breathing after breastfeeding, apply the following two tips –

  • Straighten the baby and massage his chest and shake the baby a little. Place your hands on the navel and press lightly on the inside.
  • Turning the baby upside down means pressing lightly on the baby’s waist with the head down and lightly hitting the back and also pushing the chest. Continue this procedure until breathing is normal.

If none of these methods work seeks medical attention immediately.

Is it better to eat breast milk frequently?

Frequent breastfeeding should not be done at all as it may harm the baby. If you have a large supply of milk in your breast, it is better not to feed the baby extra milk. You can get the extra milk out of your breasts. Your baby will eat as much milk as he needs. Do not force excess milk to be fed frequently. Check if your baby is hungry from the following symptoms –

  • Your baby will start looking for your breasts if you like your baby
  • Your baby will start sucking milk again and again
  • Your baby will start sucking the fingertips of his own hand
  • Your calm child will suddenly become aroused

You can breastfeed your baby just by seeing these symptoms. Try to breastfeed your baby 8 to 12 times a day. Feed for 30 to 40 minutes at a time.

This is the best way to breastfeed a baby.


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What To Do If Milk Gets Stuck In The Baby's Throat