The Witcher (TV series)

The Witcher TV series

If you are playing games and the especially open-world game then you must play The Witcher! After playing this game when you heard that Netflix is arriving with a series and the name of this series is also The Witcher then the joys of yours knew no bounds!

The people who are not familiar with The Witcher, The white wolf then they able to open a pandora’s box! This is a Polish-American fantasy drama series produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. The plot of this series actually based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

It’s a fictional series and the audience is mesmerized by watching this one! Geralt of Rivia is a witcher and he is the one from few remaining witchers in the Continent. He is hired, monster slayer, and having excellent sword skills!

He also can use magic signs and he is very tricky as well as witty. With princess Ciri he is linked to each other by destiny. The starting actor of this masterpiece is Henry Cavil, Freya Allan and Anya Chalotra.

There are three protagonists and the timeline is different from exploring formative events and this helped to growth of their characters before merging into a single timeline. Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri each of them are undergoing many difficulties and through this, they are developed and the progress of this is painted through this series lively!

Geralt is a monster slayer and people think he is devoid of any kind of humanity. They recognized him as a mutant not human but he also possesses love and a caring mind! Yennefer at first having hunchback and also she can not move her hand like a normal person and also his mouth is not normal.

She is an obstructing girl and humiliated by her surrounding! But she turned into beautiful lady things are not like the same as before! She is a sorceress and also a lover of Geralt! Ciri crown princess of Cintra, granddaughter of Queen Calanthe and daughter of Pavetta. is possessing immense magic and for this, she is haunted by her surroundings and she is not able to keep her trust in anyone.

But her only pathfinder is Geralt. By destiny, she is linked to Geralt before her birth. So a monster slayer is the protector of this princess. Many supernatural events are undergoing in this series and also romantic moments as well!

This series has only one season consisted of eight episodes and it was released on Netflix on December 20, 2019. It is based on The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny. In 2021 the second season of this witcher will be released by the declaration of Netflix and this one also has eight episodes!

The IMD rating of this series is 8.2 and already it has earned vast popularity from its new journey. Some critics said that to break the name and fame of Game of Thrones this series is a beginning Hammar from Netflix!