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Behind the scenes of Mia Khalifa

Behind the scenes of Mia Khalifa

The most-watched social media figure if you even scroll up then one is ringing. Guess who? The answer is neat and clear as like clean water.

The most controversial figure in the media who creates an attraction to the young generation, as well as other young age both boys as well as girls and the name of this beautiful person, is Mia Khalifa!

She has another nickname and it is Mia Calista and her occupation is already everyone aware of this but then let’s repeat and it is a Pornographic actress.

Her birthplace is Beirut, Lebanon. The date of birth is February 10, 1993, and her age is 25. In 2001 with her family she had to move to the United States in January.

She is American from this point of view. She is grown up as a catholic and but now she had no belief or that much respect for the religion!

The name of her University is the University of Texas which is situated at EL Paso. She took a bachelor’s degree in history.

Her favorite hobbies are watching movies, cooking, etc.

She likes smoking and drinking. and she is a non-vegetarian. In high school her favorite game was lacrosse.

On many adult sides, the most viewed pornstar prize winner is Mia Khalifa! Her identity is she is a Lebanese American pornstar. Her extra income source is she is also serving her job as an adult model.

Her joining date in the adult industry was 2014. But because of the negative popularity, she was disconnected from her family, and to live a normal life she finally leaves.

She said, “ It was an eye-opener for me.i don’t want any of this, whether it’s positive or negative-but all of it was negative. I did not think too much into it about how my friends and family and relationships were suffering.”

In 2016 she changed her career from a controversial one which actually makes her alone and also makes her a pot of criticization.

Her new journey started with she is a performer as a Webcam Model and Sports Commentator.

She is also worked as a paralegal and bookkeeper in Miami, Florida but later she had to move to Texas. She also runs a YouTube Channel.

In 2018 her net worth is almost $4 million. The controversy which makes her totally worst to the Muslim world was she wore a hijab in a porn video.

Especially in the Middle-East, she received more criticism and also death threats!

Iraq and Levant both of them are prepared to behead her in order to show the proper respect to their purity and sobriety.

When she got the forecast that she would go to hell for this kind of activity then she replied, “I have been meaning to get a little tan recently.”

In January 2015, a pop band named Timeflies gave her surprise by released a song titled, “Mia Khalifa”. This is also showing respect to her.

Among the listed members of the world’s 10 most popular porn stars, she achieved 5 no place in July 2016 by a British magazine.

As the next United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, the name goes for her in November 2016 by an online petition and appointed by another controversial president Donald Trump.

Mia Khalifa, her name has won its name and fame in 2016 because it was the most searched on xHamster and the report was published in January 2017.

Besides Tyler Coe, she was declared as a co-host SportsBall in 2018. When khalifa is on the verge of ending her pornographic career she had 2.3 million followers on Twitter and over 11 million followers on Instagram.